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About FilmSlam

Originally a project of University of Central Florida's Downtown Media Arts Center, Enzian became the home of FilmSlam when DMAC closed in 2006. Now in its eighth year at Enzian, FilmSlam continues to be a popular outlet for indie and student filmmakers throughout the State of Florida.

FilmSlam will usually be held on the second Sunday of each month at 1PM at Enzian.

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  • December 7, 2014
  • January 11, 2015
  • February 8, 2015
  • March 15, 2015
  • May 17, 2015
  • June 14, 2015
  • July 12, 2015
  • August 9, 2015
  • September 13, 2015
  • October 11, 2015

How to Enter FilmSlam

Click here to fill out entry form and for complete details! Your entry will not be complete until your DVD has been recieved at Enzian Theater so please mail or drop off screeners asap. 1300 South Orlando Ave. Maitland, FL with FilmSlam marked clearly on the outside of the package.
Questions? E-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for answers.


Entries submitted for review must be on DVD (screeners may be picked up in person at each month's FilmSlam).
Entry format exhibited at the FilmSlam is DVD. Submission copies will also serve as the screener copies unless the filmmaker specifically requests a change.
All films must have a total running time of less than 20 minutes.
Films may only screen in ONE FilmSlam in 2013. Films selected for the FilmSlam are still eligible to enter the Florida Film Festival.
Films not selected for one month's FilmSlam will be held and considered for the next month unless otherwise requested by the filmmaker.
Monthly FilmSlam audience winners that are 10 minutes or less in length are guaranteed a spot in the 2013 Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase. FilmSlam winners longer than 10 minutes will be programmed at the discretion of the Brouhaha selection committee.


Entry into the FilmSlam is FREE (and open only) to all Florida Filmmakers. There is a $8.00 admission fee to the monthly screenings so that the filmmakers do not have to pay an entry fee! Tell your friends to come support indie film!


Early entry is strongly encouraged. Submissions must be received BEFORE the FIRST OF THE MONTH in order to be considered for that month's event - NO EXCEPTIONS! A well-written, 25-word synopsis of the basic plot and premise of the work(s) is required with each entry. If available, b/w and color promotional stills should be sent or e-mailed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Works are scheduled at the discretion of Enzian Theater and the FilmSlam programmers. Enzian retains the right to make changes to the published schedule at any time and for any reason.


Shipping and postage costs for videos/DVDs and any support material to and from the FilmSlam will be paid by the filmmaker. FilmSlam will not accept COD shipments. Submissions may be addressed to:
FilmSlam c/o Enzian Theater
1300 South Orlando Avenue
Maitland, Florida 32751

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FilmSlam Q&A

FilmSlam Winners


  • 1st Place: The Deepest Cut
  • 2nd Place: Baptism
  • 3rd Place: Runner


  • 1st Place: All is Lost
  • 2nd Place: This is How it Starts
  • 3rd Place: The Fairytale Syndrome


  • 1st Place: That's a Good Question
  • 2nd Place: Remnants
  • 3rd Place: Swoosh


  • 1st Place: Carterpillar
  • 2nd Place: Electric
  • 3rd Place: Vertical Time


  • 1st Place: The Gift
  • 2nd Place: Genevieve
  • 3rd Place: Keep On


  • 1st Place: A Hero Within
  • 2nd Place: The Deaths of Jamie Smith
  • 3rd Place: M-Theory)


  • 1st Place: The Interview
  • 2nd Place: Legend of the Rabbit
  • 3rd Place: A Reflection


  • 1st Place: Until Tomorrow
  • 2nd Place: WPRK
  • 3rd Place: Envoi


  • 1st Place: Dirty Justice
  • 2nd Place: Life in Between
  • 3rd Place: Medium Justice

FilmSlam Programs


  • Babies (2015)
    Writer/Director: Benjamin L. Gill
  • Create the Movie (2015)
    Writer/Director/Producer: Fred Zara
  • Clown Face (2015)
    Writer/Director: Karim Dakkon (
  • The Art of Villainy (2015)
    Writer/Director: James Noir
  • Buzzkillers (2014)
    Director: Ryan Hagerman
  • Lacuna (2014)
    Writer/Director: Jon-Michael Rose
  • The Accountant (2014)
    Writer/Director/Producer: Stephen Morgan & Alex Couch
  • Death Ray
    Director: Dylan Merriman




  • Remnants (2014)
    Director Sarah Huffine
  • Working Vacation (2015)
    Director/Writer/Producer: Soreyrith Um (
  • Chef's Flame (2015)
    Director/Producers: Allen Paschel
  • Moan (2015)
    Director/Writer: Dustin Holton
  • That’s a Good Question (2014)
    Director/Writer Chris Oddo/Doronne Perras (
  • Swoosh (2015)
    Director: Shannon Walker/Jeremiah Gonda
  • A Little Red Twist (2015)
    Director: Tre'len Johnston/Chris Cooke
  • Snacktime
    Director: Lacey Hasson/Matt Sveum (


  • SP #15 (2014)
    Director/Writer/Producer: Carl Knickerbocker (
  • Something Spontaneous (2015)
    Director/Writer: Rachel White
  • Splash (2015)
    Director/Writer/Producer: Alex Bright (
  • Carterpillar (2015)
    Director /Producer: Ariel Zengotita
  • Tempter (2014)
    Director/Writer: Charles Haskins
  • Vertical Time (2015)
    Director/Writer: Banks Helfrich (
  • Freeform (2014)
    Director: Amber Steele
  • Electric (2015)
    Director/Writer:Jacob Sadowsky



  • Wild Card (2015)
    Director: J LaRose
  • To Be Or Not To Be (2015)
    Director/Writer/Producer: Adam Arnali (
  • Living Positive (2014)
    ; Director: Michelle Wang (
  • Redemption Road (2015)
    Director/Writer/Producer: Mike McGowan
  • The Deaths of Jamie Smith (2015)
    Director: Jordan Loscalzo, Steve Jean-Jacques
  • A Hero Within (2014)
    Director: Allison Collins
  • M-Theory (2014)
    Director/Writer/Producer: TL Westgate (








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