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Set in Beirut during the 1982 war between Lebanon and Israel, ZAYTOUN (Arabic for “olive”) follows an Israeli fighter pilot, Yoni (Stephen Dorff), and a 12-year-old Palestinian boy, Fahed, who abruptly meet when the soldier’s plane is shot down outside a refugee camp.  Taken captive, Yoni is guarded by a group of boys led by the enraged Fahed, whose father was killed in an Israeli air attack. The boy’s only inheritance is a small potted olive tree, and he dreams of returning to his ancestral village to replant it.  Though the desperate soldier represents his oppressors, he also offers Fahed an opportunity: if the boy will help him escape, Yoni will get him over the border and back to his Palestinian village.  Neither trusts the other, but forced to cooperate along their perilous journey, they manage to discover some humanity within the hostility.  Part unlikely buddy movie and part wartime thriller, this new film from renowned Israeli director Eran Riklis (Lemon Tree) reaffirms his gift for finding common ground in the midst of conflict.

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UK | Israel | France, 2012, In English, Arabic & Hebrew with English subtitles, 110 min, Not Rated, Directed by Eran Riklis

“(An) intriguing what-if exploration of a friend-and-mentor bond between an orphaned Palestinian youth and an Israeli man in dire circumstances of his own.”


“ZAYTOUN follows a classic formula in an uneasy setting, the Middle East.  (It) dares to find common ground and hope amidst political confusion. (And) as with all good road movies, a dose of humor is in the mix.”


“A briskly-paced adventure that could find its way into the hearts of unlikely audiences…generates a sense of exhilaration and hope.”

– John Anderson, VARIETY

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