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The Goonies

Mikey Walsh and Brandon Walsh are brothers whose family is preparing to move because developers want to build a golf course in the place of their neighborhood—unless enough money is raised to stop the construction of the golf course, and that’s quite doubtful. But when Mikey stumbles upon a treasure map of the famed “One-Eyed” Willy’s hidden fortune, Mikey, Brandon, and their friends Lawrence “Chunk” Cohen, Clark “Mouth” Devereaux, Andrea “Andy” Carmichael, Stefanie “Stef” Steinbrenner, and Richard “Data” Wang, calling themselves The Goonies, set out on a quest to find the treasure in hopes of saving their neighborhood. The treasure is in a cavern, but the entrance to the cavern is under the house of evil thief Mama Fratelli and her sons Jake Fratelli, Francis Fratelli, and the severely disfigured Lotney “Sloth” Fratelli. Sloth befriends the Goonies and decides to help them.

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USA, 1985, In English, 114 min, Rated PG, Directed by Richard Donner

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  1. Sun, 4-24
    • 12:00 PM

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What happened to showing Beasts of the Southern Wild? We were excited about seeing it this weekend. 

Firstly I should mention that opening dates you see on the website are always tentative and depend on how current playing films perform. In this case, MOONRISE KINGDOM has had such a long and successful run that we ran into a tough spot with BEASTS where they really wanted to open but would not be able to wait on us. For this reason we are letting them move on without us. They will be opening nearby though so keep your eyes open! - ENZIAN

Comment # 2

Crystal Kohl

July 27, 2012

Would love to see an evening showing for us adult Goonies.
Sorry you missed it! We did have two showings (one weekday and one weekend) for THE GOONIES hoping most people would be able to make it to one of them smile ENZIAN

Comment # 3


July 27, 2012

is this an inside movie or outside movie?

All the KidFest movies take place inside the theater. - ENZIAN

Comment # 4


July 24, 2012

Are these played on an outside screen? Will I need a blanket for the grass?
Nope this will be inside! - ENZIAN

Comment # 5


July 18, 2012

Any chance of this getting a showing after 6??

Thanks for contacting Enzian.  This is part of our KidFest series, and there are only two screenings:  July 26 and 28.  Unfortunately they are afternoon times, but one is on a Saturday.  For more information, please visit

Comment # 6


June 03, 2012

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