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Winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature at both the Seattle International Film Festival and the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, OUTSOURCED is a pitch-perfect comedy from John Jeffcoat and co-writer George Wing (50 First Dates). Todd (Josh Hamilton, Kicking and Screaming) heads up a call center for an American company that sells cheap novelty products. After his entire department is outsourced, he succeeds in hanging on to his job by agreeing to go to India to train his own replacement. Completely lost in the climate and the culture, his befuddlement is matched by the young Indian workers in the company’s Mumbai office, who fail to understand why anyone would want the worthless products they are being trained to sell. Help is at hand though, in the shape of the striking and capable Asha (Ayesha Dharker, The Terrorist), who shows Todd what he needs to learn about India and how to motivate his workers. A cross-cultural work-place comedy that skillfully avoids stereotypes, OUTSOURCED boasts a smart script, agile direction, and winning performances that make it a genuine crowd-pleaser.

USA, 2006, , In English and Hindi with English subtitles, 102 min, Not Rated, Directed by John Jeffcoat


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