20th Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase Program # 4’s Movie Poster


20th Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase Program # 4

Written/Produced/Directed by Jennifer Ligler, Florida State University, 8 min 29 sec

Two brothers in Atlanta have created a unique popsicle empire which continues to grow and inspire with their handmade icee treats.

Co-written/Directed by Stephanie Dowling, Co-written/Produced by Valeria Gonzalez, Dr. Phillips High School, 6 min 48 sec

A jealous lover with a fondness for marionettes gets his revenge.

Co-written/Co-produced/Directed by Tyler Fabo, Co-written/Co-produced by Victor Castroverde, University of Central Florida, 3 min

Tim is having the worst day of his life.  He’s been murdered, yet somehow retains consciousness to find that he can apathetically observe the events taking place around his dead body.

Produced/Directed by Jean Roman Seyfried, 15 min

In this experimental work set to the piano music of Yann Tiersen, time lapse photography captures the transformation of a parking lot in NYC into the Crosby Street Hotel.

Co-written/Directed by X:144, Co-written/Produced by DiViNCi, Co-written by Sean Kantrowitz, 6 min 11 sec, Winner – August FilmSlam

The second chapter in Solillaquists of Sound’s music video trilogy follows the heroes as they are hunted by agents from a mysterious organization.

Co-written/Directed by Calla Rowell, Co-written/Produced by Jayme Gonzalez, Co-written by Corey Christian, Eric Rojas & Justin Stokes, Flagler College, 1 min 32 sec

The story of a boy and a girl and the similar things they see and do to bring them to the very place they are destined to meet.

Written/Produced/Directed by Justin Sklar, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 18 sec

Out on a blind date and confronted by a milk mustache, Ernie realizes that his dream girl isn’t who she appeared to be.

Written/Produced/Directed by Chelsea Bartlett, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 17 sec

A homeless woman searches through a junkyard for just the right items, passing up objects of potential use and worth in favor of things broken or old.

Written/Directed by Justin Reager, Produced by Briana Frapart, Florida State University, 7 min 32 sec

A high school romantic is in love with a girl but cannot build up the courage to kiss her. So he enlists the help of his inventor best friend.

Written/Directed by Mark Wright, Produced by Erika Galeana, Full Sail University, 7 min 40 sec, Winner – January FilmSlam

The Daily Bread Soup Kitchen in Melbourne, Florida is surrounded by problems.  Yet they continue on because if they didn’t, who would feed the hurt, homeless, and hungry?

Written/Directed by Gerrad Wilson, Produced by Daniel Hankins, Florida State University, 7 min 28 sec

A former Congressional candidate is scheduled for execution by lethal injection for the murders of his wife and two kids.  He hasn’t spoken a word since the murders.  Now hours away from his moment of reckoning, he relives the events of that tragic day.

Written/Produced/Directed by Rhiannon Schneiderman, Southeast Center for Photographic Studies at Daytona State/UCF, 2 min 52 sec

An experimental interpretation of the song “Old Mary” by The Dead Weather.

Written/Directed by Zachary Beckler, University of Central Florida, 15 min

Two sisters host a séance party at their new house.  It awakens something…


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