20th Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase Program # 2’s Movie Poster


20th Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase Program # 2

Written/Directed by Adam Isaacs, Produced by Jim Ed Wills, Florida State University, 16 min 48 sec

Seth goes to Fat Camp to lose weight, look great, be accepted.  What he finds when he arrives is a slew of raw, genuine teenagers, titillating possibilities, and a chance to be normal.

Written/Directed/Co-produced by Adam Arnail, Co-produced by Jimmy Kwong, 3 min 55 sec, Winner – May FilmSlam

Karma is a bitch when a female photographer decides her man isn’t good enough for her.  “Change” is the latest music video from Orlando band, SoulSwitch.

Written/Produced/Directed by Nick Flamand, Dr. Phillips High School, 5 min 37 sec

A suspenseful twist on the classic children’s story, Little Red Riding Hood.

Written/Directed by Michael Smith, Produced by Paige Tomlinson, Florida State University, 13 min 12 sec

The truth doesn’t pour.  It leaks.  Four residents of coastal Alabama recount their experiences with the 2010 BP oil spill and uncover the truth behind the largest manmade environmental disaster in history.

Directed by Gabi Robinson-Tillenburg, University of Central Florida, 3 min 27 sec

A girl in the trap of a nightlife routine.

Written/Produced/Directed by Charles Frisby, 4 min 9 sec, Winner – September FilmSlam

A Private Investigator gets a late night caller.

Written/Produced/Directed by Avner Geller & Stevie Lewis, Ringling College of Art and Design, 3 min 40 sec

A washed-up detective’s imagination runs wild as he tries to solve the most critical case of his career.

Written/Produced/Directed by Brianne Meyer, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 6 sec

It’s a blistering afternoon on a lonely desert road.  A weary businessman and a stranded hitchhiker begin an uneasy journey when an offer is made to drive the stranger to a nearby station.

Co-written by Fred Schneider, Produced by The Superions, Co-written/Directed by Michael O’Quinn, 10 min 25 sec

More terrifying than Thriller…scarier than Plan 9 From Outer Space…even more frightening than Mary Poppins!  It’s…BATBABY!  Fred Schneider from the B-52s co-stars in this retro vampire music video epic by The Superions.

Written/Produced/Directed by John Wikstrom, Florida State University, 9 min 26 sec

Benjaman Kyle was found unconscious outside of a Burger King in 2004.  He did not have any clothes, any identification, or any memories.  Seven years later, the FBI still doesn’t know who he is.  Neither does he.

Written/Directed by Faren Humes, Produced by Matthew Ryan, Florida State University, 15 min 57 sec

In 1937, under the Third Reich, Germans of mixed race are being rounded up and rendered sterile.  The looming threat is dangerously close, yet two sisters struggle over how to react.


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